Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Happy Thanksgiving Recap {Photo Overload}

I dont know about y'all but we ate till there was absolutely no room left. Im beginning to think this is what the Holidays are about! 

I spent all day Wednesday baking Pumpkin Pie and White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. Let me just say that baking with a baby is no easy task. This girl has given me a run for my money this week. I blame it on the teething. The hubs was so sweet and ran to the mall, not once, but twice to grab a Black Friday deal on boots for me and sadly after all that, I decided they were a no go, but it was better to be safe with the price than miss out :) 

My favorite part of Wednesday was picking up an early birthday present for this Nikon D3100 {post to come}!! We bought it from an older gentleman off of craigslist and I couldnt be happier! We got it for half the price of a brand new one...and the amazing thing was that this one was brand new! Never been touched! I am so in love with this camera you have no idea! Wait for all the photos that are to come!! Wednesday night we did steak dinner and scoped out a few Black Friday deals. Yes, I did stay awake to score some deals on an SD card, movies, Christmas presents for Paisley, $1 pointsettas and hair products! I did all my shopping online this year and did pick-up in store. While it kind of took the fun out of Black Friday, it was so nice not having to fight crowds and waiting for ten years in a check out line. The only Black Friday deal we got was speakers for our new keyboard and our 9.5' Christmas tree!! Great times I tell ya!

Thursday I finished cooking what I needed to for dinner and we headed for the in-laws for an amazing dinner complete with every side imaginable, smoked turkey and a fried turkey. There were about 300 pounds of food for 8 people. Little ridiculous but so fun! We hung with the family and some friends and had a great day! It was great to just relax and enjoy company!

Friday, we decorated for Christmas and then took off to a Christmas tree farm to cut our own tree which was an adventure in itself. We didnt end up cutting down a tree because, well they were a little too small for us and a little too bare. We did our Christmas card pics and let me tell you, no nap for a baby and trying to take pictures 15 minutes before the sun sets and its gets dark is a recipe for somewhat of a disaster! We managed to get some great photos but it was like pulling teeth to get them. We left without a tree and a crying baby. Fun times! 

We stopped on our way back in Tampa for some fun Christmas lights at Wiregrass mall. It was completely packed but so worth seeing all the lights, Christmas trees, dancing and music. AND we got an amazing deal on a 9.5' tree!! 

That made my entire day! Soon as we got home I made the hubs set the tree up and get lights on. I spent the late night hours into the wee morning editing photos and messing with my new could I sleep when I am so excited??

Saturday, we slept in, decorated for Christmas and ate leftovers. Relaxing day and I cant wait to share with you all, Christmas at our home! Watch for the post!

Sunday, we spent most of the day at church and relaxing at home. Much needed down time and nap time for a very tired little one!

This was a great Thanksgiving and great Thanksgiving week! I cant believe how fast it went and now we have Christmas to look forward to and a little wee one turning a year old! So much up a head for us! 

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as we did!

I think Paisley had fun. What do you think??

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