Monday, December 16, 2013

Mommy & Me/Weekend Recap

We had a very uneventful weekend, well, we celebrated my birthday early this weekend, but besides making Christmas cookies and doing a little Christmas shopping we played it low key this weekend. 

The hubs had a field trip Friday and didnt get back until around 8 and was completely wiped. While he was gone, I spent the evening with my in-laws making Christmas cookies. My MIL made some of the best sugar cookies, comparable to the ones we use to make with my mom every Christmas and Valentines Day. They were so good I wont even tell you how many I ate! And if you readers are lucky enough maybe she will let me share the recipe ;)

Saturday, the hubs suggested we got to Cracker Barrel in our sweats and so we did. I cant even remember the last time we went out for breakfast, and I honestly can say that I have never gone to breakfast in my sweats, so while it took some convincing for me to not spend forever getting ready and to just go, I caved and it was fun :) Paisley loved breakfast!

The hubby and I spent the rest of Saturday grocery shopping, and Christmas shopping. It was great to get out on our own and get some things accomplished a lot faster. Momma's you know what I am talking about!

Saturday evening the hubby made me the most delicious Pad Thai! Pad Thai is one of my all time favorites and the hubs nailed it! Instead of going out and celebrating my birthday, since we will do the real deal Tuesday, we decided to eat in and do a Christmas movie! Great day and a GREAT meal! I mean he really nailed it!

Sunday, we spent the morning at church. Paisley fought us on naps after being up literally all night. Dont know how she did it, but needless to say, we never got a break. I finished all the Christmas presents for our folks and I cant wait to share with you all what we did for them! And call me an old lady if you wish, but we called it an evening at 9:30 last night! I know! Children really are draining :)

BUT in other news, Paisley might have never slept yesterday, but she DID take off walking all on her own!! I looked down for a second and saw someone taking off and I looked up and lo and behold, Paisley was off all on her own! She doesnt need us :) She's got the walking down! Let the fun begin!

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Now for Mommy & Me...

The hubby shot this pic one night when Paisley and I were playing with ornaments, and it is by far my most favorite picture! I just cant stop smiling :) See for yourself....

Happy week friends!! One week till the hubs is home for the rest of the year, and 9 days till Christmas!! Craziness!!

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  1. Ha, when the hubs and I have a little date night after Aria goes to sleep and we are out until 10...1030, it feels soooo late. I feel like we just pulled an all nighter until 3am. And, we use to be total night owls. Kids sure change you =) And, exhaust you!!
    Such a cute mommy and me picture.


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