Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paisley's Haven

After much work, the nursery is now complete! I couldnt be more excited to have finished this project and to have it behind me! Now we get to focus on the last few details before this sweet little girl comes.

View from the door

When looking for cribs, the only thing I had my heart set on, was a white crib. I just did not like any of the light colored wood ones, and even the darker ones just didnt have the "sophistication" and elegance that was looking for in a little girls room. Luckly, Target had a cheap one and gift cards covered most of it :)

It took me months to make up my mind on what I wanted to do for a nursery. I think the idea must have changed several hundred times. From the start I knew I wanted something clean, something girly, something vintage, something cozy, calm, and clean. Then, I found I had an idea to go just really girly with lots of color and sass, but somehow I ended up going back to my almost original plan. 

I saw an idea like the frames above on Project Nursery, and it completed the final look...the last wall that I had spent weeks pondering over what to do. I was able to find cheap frames at Ross that we spray painted white or took the glass out of. The "Amore" sign I had gotten last year for our bathroom, but I think it fits nicely in our daughters room now :)

I never thought we could find a white glider that would look nice, let alone match in her room. All the credit goes to Aaron! He looked all over and found this one on Target, AND it was on clearance!! I was prepared to go with Plan B and get a dark colored one with cream fabric, but I am so in love with this chair!!

The little bow frame by the glider was a pinterest project. Where would we be in the world without pinterest?? I found the frame half off at Michaels, spray painted it white and added ribbon to the back of it. Every girl needs something for her bows, right?

My favorite part of the room for some reason. I just love the dresser that we purchased on Craigslist and redid ourselves with help from my father-in-law. The signs I did. I saw ones similar on pinterest and I just couldnt bring myself to spend the $40 a piece for them, so I figured out a way to make them on my own. Took many hours stenciling, but the hardwork paid off!

The first sign is from the book, "Love you Forever" A childhood favorite of mine, that I wanted to incorporate with all the new memories of my own family. The second sign, "Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains" had some depth for me. God gave us several words concerning Paisley, and I know one day she will move mountains and I want her to always be reminded that she is able to accomplish all that she sets her heart on because God has a mighty big plan for her!

Absolute favorite piece of the whole room!

Missing the lamp and a picture in the pink frame, but we still have time :) Paisley was blessed with lots of books from her shower last weekend! The teddy bear Aaron gave me on our first Valentine's Day, so now I am passing it on to our daughter :) 

Saw this frame at Burlington and had to have it! This is a picture of her little face. She was so stubborn this day, that this is the only decent pic we got of her. She didnt want to be seen :) She loves having her hands around her face, hiding behind the cord, and sucking her thumb. She has my nose and cheeks and Aarons lips. Im in love with her already!!

Last but not least...the bedding!! I had my heart set on a particular bedding, that would have fit in the sassy, girly room, but there was no way that I was going to ever spend $400 on bedding that no one else would have. We tried seeing about buying fabric and having someone else make it, but in the end it wasnt going to save us much, so when I changed my idea back the original plan for the nursery I had no idea what to do. I guess something pink and simple from Pottery Barn was my plan, but my husband intervened and found this one and desperately wanted this one. I wasnt sure at first, even though it was the vintage look I was going for, but after looking at it and looking at it, I knew this was the one. I couldnt be happier with the choice and it makes it all the more special knowing that Paisley's daddy picked this just for her :) Its simple, delicate and clean. Couldnt get any better than that. And it was way cheaper!!

The bottom of the crib skirt has delicate little roses on the bottom. The blanket has a delicate, old vintage print and the sheet has a lacy look to it, but was too hard to get a photo of. 

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