Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Handy Men

Originally when we started trying to figure out a baby nursery, I knew that I wasnt going to just settle for any kind of changing table, but instead it had to be a dresser and it had to be redone. I mean what fun is it to buy it already done? I wanted something that had our own personal touch to it, and nonetheless, was cheap! When we found out it was a girl, I knew I wanted something vintage and I wanted it white. I spent weeks looking and checking craigslist for deals and trying to find the "perfect" dresser, and after much looking, email and calling we found one that was a bit out of our way but cheap. $40. What a steal! It was exactly what I was looking for, vintage, bit warped with time. It was already white, but to me it looked like we just needed to change the knobs and patch up a few places with white, but was I ever wrong.

Aaron spent many hours sanding and stripping paint, only to discover that there were six layers of paint on the thing. Im sure he was regretting getting into some kind of project like this :) Aaron worked hard, and since we are so busy my father-in-law took over for us and finished :)

Now that its all complete I could not be anymore impressed. I am in love. It might be a bit on the smaller side, but it came out exactly like I had pictured!! Thank you Husband and Papa Tim!!

I have to admit seeing the before and after pictures, I didnt think we had a lot of work at first, but now I realize what had to go into it. It was a bit beat up if I was being honest :)

Absolutely love the clear glass knobs and we cleaned the original brass keyholes and placed them back on!

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