Tuesday, November 27, 2012

33 Weeks

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!

How far along? 33 Weeks!!

Due Date: still January 11th, but we just changed doctors so maybe she will have something new to say next week! Heres to hoping...

Total weight gain: 19 pounds

Maternity clothes: this week has been rough to the point I dont even want to get dressed! Jeans, yoga pants, comfy shirts, sweaters, belts and leggings

Stretch marks: Nope!!

Sleep: Generally I fall asleep on the couch and then head to bed and from there, its waking up every few hours to get comfortable. Doesnt matter if its 3 or 4 pillows I just cant seem to get a rhythm going. I know you are suppose to sleep on your left side, however, I wake up on my back and find that its a little better.

Missing anything? Missing getting to fit into my clothes haha and getting to sleep, but I know my sleeping days are pretty much over from this point forward. I do miss my family :)

Food cravings: Raw veggies!!!

Anything making you sick? Not this week

Movement: Lots of rolling from one side to the next. She is up in my ribs and man it hurts!! Loves to have her bum tucked right up close to them and feet in my side. Makes it hard to do lots of things or to sit for very long. She is stubborn too and doesnt want to move from there.

Gender: still a girl!!

Belly Button: Innie

Rings: still on, although this week I have had some swelling in my hands and feet

Mood: sooo happy Aaron is on break!! Tired, but I love that its Holiday week!

Best moment of the week: Aaron having a break from school, Thanksgiving, spending time with family and shopping! 

Looking forward to: getting to see our maternity pics that we did this week! We had fabulous photographers and I cant wait to see the final products :) Just the pics themselves were excellent!!

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