Friday, December 21, 2012

Project for Paisley Grace

Ok, so I always dreamed of having a little girl and the fun outfits she would have, all the shopping we would do, all the pink she would have, how cute she would be, and all the fashionable accessories she would own and wear, and my days of dreaming are finally becoming reality!

Nothing has really changed much :)

We get to have a little girl, she has a cute name, Paisley Grace, she has a closet full of pink, ha, her room is gray and pink, she has pink accessories to go in her carseat, cute little shoes (never thought my baby would have so many pairs of boots), and she has tons of cute little fashion accessories. Im obsessed just a bit if you couldnt tell.

So, between Walmart and Target, I have bought all the headbands that they currently offer, go figure, have found headbands here and there, ordered a few from etsy, got a few from Burlington, and I have found my newest hobby....MAKING headbands for Paisley. I might just say, that they are cheap and easy to make, and so much fun!! I spent the afternoon yesterday making a few for Paisley and what fun did I have! I found most of my stuff at Michaels, but I am sure that Joanns has quite a collection, not to mention you may be able to order stuff online too. Paisley is going to be so spoiled!!

I wanted to share what I made and let you all in on the excitement! Here's what I have so far:

I bought a pink feather and then the pink barrette piece and glued them together. Easy as cake!

The peacock feather piece is my favorite. Every girl needs some sort of glam :)

The gray and pink headbands are made of felt. Felt is like .10 a piece or our Michaels does 4/$1 quite often so I bought a bunch. I found a tutorial on making headbands and she gave instructions to make the flowers below and they were easy!! I added the little flowers in center, but you could add anything from pearls, to sparklies or whatever suits your fancy. Takes lots of hot glue though.

Here is the link below that I used to make these headbands and as a guideline for the ones above:

Little girls are so fun! It will be even more exciting when Paisley gets here! I cant imagine all the fun that we are going to have :)

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  1. I had imagined doing bows and frills with Evie, but she wouldn't have it. However, she definitely took after her Mommy that way. ;) She likes it more the older she gets, but I bet Paisley will take after her Mommy and LOVE all the girly accessories from the beginning!


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