Wednesday, December 5, 2012

34 Weeks

Due Date: January 11, 2013

Size: Cantaloupe

Total Weight Gain: 20 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I am to the point where I hate getting ready and I hate getting dressed. If I could spend my life in comfy clothes right now I would, but since we are busy bodies, my days are spent in maternity jeans, sweaters, dresses, leggings and sometimes yoga pants and hoodies

Stretch Marks: Not a single one :)

Sleep: I have not slept in a week it feels like! Finding it hard to get comfy and sleep through the night. Not to mention, I am waking up several times just to use the restroom. I thought somehow I might escape having to wake up and pee, but I guess I was really wrong about that one...

Missing Anything? Feeling normal ha.

Food Cravings: I havent really had "big" cravings like most do, but the only thing that I have wanted to eat all week long is Veggies and Tacos. Lots of tacos!

Anything making you sick? Certain smells put me a little over the top, but nothing to major

Movement: Maybe I should be asking does she ever stop moving? Little Paisley is an active little girl. Her favorite spot is having her hiney in my ribs on the right side and an ankle in my ribs on the other side or sometime have her feet way deep in my side. She makes my ribs ache most days.

Belly Button: Still the same as last week

Rings: Still on, but are fitting a little tighter :(

Mood: Tired and emotionally all over the place. Finished working this week and its a bittersweet time. I like working and I know financially it really helps us so that makes it tougher to leave, but it does get me excited that in a few short weeks this little girl could be here. Ready for this pregnancy to be over, but also in some ways surprisingly a little nervous that I am about to be a Momma and have someone to look after for the rest of my life

Best Moment of the Week: Definately finding our pediatrician and the first appointment with the new midwife. So glad we switched from the birthing center to an actual hospital because I LOVE the new midwife. She is great! Not to mention at my appointment she was very very pleased with how perfect my background history, tests, and weight gain were/are. Makes me feel pretty happy :)

Looking forward to: Getting to rest some this week and our hospital tour on Wednesday. I finished packing Paisleys bag and cleaning down all her things and it feels good. Hopefully maternity pics will be finished this week because I am antsy to see them!!

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