Friday, December 21, 2012

37 Weeks!! Full Term!!

Due Date: January 11, 2013 (Midwife says we have been pretty consistent and would be very surprised if we were to deliver before the end of the year, but her guess is sometime after the New Year) Better start placing  your bets :)

How Far Along: 37 Weeks!!

Total Weight Gain: 25 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much the same as last week

Stretch Marks: No way jose :)

Sleep: This has been a good week!! I have been completely exhausted no matter how much or how little I have done this week. I have gotten several nights of straight 11 hours of sleep. One night of waking up in the same position as when I went to bed. Good week!!

Missing Anything: At the moment I am pretty content, but I would love to have all the rib pain completely gone

Movement: She has days where the moment I wake up she never stops moving around and kicking me in the side, and then some days where she is a little quieter and doesnt move as much as she normally does. I think she wears herself out :)

Food Cravings: Homemade bean and cheese tacos and pineapple (fresh)

Anything making you sick? Some nausea when too hungry and some smells still

Belly Button: In

Wedding Ring: Still able to get my engagement ring on, but no wedding band :(

Mood: Happy, Excited and Tired! Excited for Aaron to go on Christmas break for 2 weeks, Happy Christmas is almost here and our little girl will be here soon, Nathan's wedding is coming up next weekend, and just plain tired from all the work that there is to prepare for a baby and for visitors and the work you put in for Christmas. All the busyness sure has made time fly

Looking forward to: Christmas and getting to spend time with family! Not to mention Paisley is only a few short weeks away from being here (light at end of tunnel) and my family will all be here soon!! Best Christmas this year!!

Best moment of the week? Aaron going on break! I set a goal to have everything done and completed for our house, for visitors, coming, Christmas shopping and wrapping, and everything done by the 21st so when Aaron went on break we could just breath, have fun and enjoy each other and I managed to complete it all! Makes me feel good!! AND WE ARE FULL TERM!!! I feel like i can breathe can knowing if she came it would all be ok :) yay!!

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