Sunday, February 16, 2014


Age: 13 Month
Birthday: January 15, 2013
Weight: 17 pounds 12 ounces
Height: 29 1/4 inch
Sleep: You are finally sleeping better at night where you get up maybe once or twice at night. Sometimes you wake up more if you are sick and sometimes you surprise me by sleeping through the night. Its always a gamble and never consistent. You still take two naps a day that are 1.5 hours to 2 hours long.
Bedtime: 8:30ish give or take a little bit
Favorite Toy: You love playing in the cabinets, you love any of my makeup items or brushes, you really love playing with the dog dishes, and you love carrying the syrup bottle around.
Clothes Size: 6 months, 6/9 months
Diaper Size: Size 3
Milestones Reached:
*Feeding yourself with a fork and spoon (you get the biggest kick out of this)
*Brushing your teeth
*Stacking and building things
*Signing "All Done"
*Saying Night-night
*Blowing Kisses
*You know your nose and your eyes
*Know the colors blue and red
*You can climb up your little chairs and sit yourself down
*Opening and closing doors
*Signing "please"
*Saying "woof woof"
*Coloring! You are fascinated by being able to color!
*obsessed with shoes and wearing shoes
*Love being naked
*HATE bath time right now :( You think its the end of the world
*Love playing in forts and on pillows
*Helping clean up toys and putting things away
*First popsicle and you loved it
*Like playing with balloons
*You like catching and popping bubbles
*Whining lots
*Love Craisins and Peanut Butter
*FIRST major sickness: you had a double ear infection and a respiratory infection. It was rough but you were such a cuddle bug and it make it all worth it
*You walk with your hands behind your back like you have wings. Its cute!
*Love fish and watching fish swim
*You enjoyed your first trip to the zoo
*LOVE Bubble Guppies
*You give dirty looks or give us a mad face when we tell you "no"
*Love playing in the dishwasher {anytime we open the fridge or dishwasher you come running}
*Hate your hands and face being dirty. You constantly tell us "clean hands" and want to wash them
*Know how to open and close DVD cases
*You think its hilarious putting your blankie over your head and walking around
*If you could, you would eat Harleys dog food all day. You discovered you like her toys and her food
*LOVE to color
*When its nice outside you love going out to play
*Like to sing, dance and play on the keys
Best Mood: Mornings, even though you are pretty happy and down to earth all day long
Best Moments: You have been quite the cuddle bug lately and I am enjoying every single moment. I know this wont last forever and I am soaking up all that I can
Worst Moments: Getting sick. It was so sad watching you feel so icky and mommy feeling so helpless.
Paisley Grace:
You are a ball of fire. You have so much love and so much personality to offer someone. Whoever gets to spend their life with you, will be a very lucky person. You might only be 13 months but you have so much to offer. There is such a sweet presence about you. I didn't think it was possible to love anyone more than the love that I have for your daddy, but you really teach this momma how to live and what love is all about. My heart is so full. I am blessed. We are blessed by you.
You might have felt pretty yucky the last few weeks but I sure have enjoyed all the snuggles and the time I just get to let you know that you are loved. I cant wait for you to feel better because we have lots of fun things up a head. You are the biggest goof and I look forward to how much sillier you will get as you get older! Heres to another month baby girl!
Love you forever and Always!


  1. These photos are just beautiful!! She is gorgeous!

  2. Rychelle! She is too dang cute - I love how she is climbing all up in the fridge!

    1. Thank you--haha that was all her! She tries to grab anything and everything she can reach :)


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