Monday, February 10, 2014

An Exciting Annoucement

Before you get yourselves all hyped up thinking that baby dos is on the way, just hold tight, that day will come...eventually. BUT, I do have other exciting news!!
For a long, long while, several years per say, the hubs and I have always said that we would love to get ourselves into photography, and well after talking about it for what seems like forever, we are finally doing it!! We are taking the plunge!
I am excited and nervous all at the same time! I have been working hard to get pricing figured out, forms created, facebook page, still needing a website and a few meetings, but its all complete and my first shoot is today!!
I am starting out by shooting for a publishing company that highlights certain communities in the Tampa Bay area. I have been given an awesome opportunity and I am so thrilled to be getting started and living out a small dream of mine.
We chose Paisley Sunshine Photography after our sweet Paisley Grace and I am pleased with our name choice. We racked our brains like none other trying to come up with something different and unique instead of a first and last name and we couldn't top Paisley Sunshine. My sweet hubs did all the design stuff with a little help of etsy and I think he did a fab job ladies and gents!
Wow that was a lot to spit out! Please stay tuned for more details as I move forward in this exciting adventure!
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That's all folks!


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