Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mommy & Me: Zoo Edition

Mommy & Me is a day late, but nonetheless I'm still getting it up in the same week. Paisley has been a wreck for the last number of days. I know she is feeling better, but I am not sure why the tears and the fussiness are still happening. Poor girl. Getting sick is rough!!
For Paisley's first birthday we took her to the zoo, and while it was a little colder of a day and we didnt get to see all the animals, we all still had a blast. My favorite part was the monkeys at the very end and I will explain why towards the end of the post. Yes, that means you have to hang around :)
Paisley got her morning nap in and then we left for the zoo. We got to spend a good three hours there, which was plenty for all of us, and by the end Paisley was completely wiped out! So much to see in one day for a girl. Even though she wont remember this, it was a great first birthday for her, complete with chocolate cake!

We got to feed and pet the goats, which I am sure if you ask Paisley that was her favorite part :)

Next we ventured around and saw a few animals we knew and a few that were new to all of us!


Dadda and Pais had a little fun too!


They had a baby elephant that came out as we were leaving and it was the cutest thing ever! He went everywhere his momma went. Unfortunately he was too far to get a picture.
The turtles. Oh the turtles. Some were the size of Paisley and it was so funny seeing her stand there and point, them swim up to her and everyone laugh because she was the size of them.

My favorite part of the day was seeing the monkeys towards the end. There was a monkey that came right up towards us on a rock and sat there and stared at Paisley. He would bob his head and Paisley would bob her head and the two did this for almost ten minutes. Funniest thing I have ever seen!
If Paisley could have taken one animal home, this fella would have been it! I mean he's cute right??
And no birthday is ever complete without someone singing and a slice of cake, and that is what this little girl got to finish out her special day! And because she was so hyped up after eating cake, we spent an hour playing at Cracker Barrel so that she would wear down some of that energy. Birthdays are so much better with little ones. There is lots of magic and lots of fun that they bring!

Best day ever!!


  1. Aww so fun! We LOVE the zoo and I can't wait for some warmer weather to go!

    1. I cant wait to go on a warmer day too!! So much fun!!

  2. Ahh!! Oh my word, girlfriend!! These pictures are too cute!!


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