Thursday, October 31, 2013

Surprise Date Night!

Lets just say that this date was way looooong overdue. I have been asking the hubs for months if we could steal away or a few hours, but with working on this house it left no time to do anything all, and lets just say I was overly excited when the hubs called yesterday and said get dressed up and be ready by 4:30! I somewhat went into panic mode thinking of having to get myself ready and a little one ready by a certain time. Since having Paisley, being fashionably late is how we roll!!

All that to say, we had a wonderful time, and I somehow came back feeling refreshed again. Its amazing leaving your baby behind and how young you can feel in those few short hours. I felt like a young high school girl again, getting to go on a special date with her boyfriend :) Anyone else ever feel like that when you get a night out as just grown ups?

The hubs took me to a great dinner place on the water that had amazing seafood alfredo and cobbler, then we drove to the beach and sat and watched the sunset. We live in FL and I was so quickly taken back by how peaceful and serene the water is and how we have not made it to the beach in months. I almost forgot how much I really love the beach. After dark, we ventured on over to Publix to grab candy and Promised Land milk, because no night is ever complete without candy....well at least in our house! And we topped of the night by catching up on our shows and eating candy!

The hubs did a great job! I am one lucky wife :)


  1. How sweet! I'm hoping to have a date night before my mom goes home next week!

    1. Go on one!! It was much needed for us and for me to have a break!!


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