Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Firsts of Many

Today was my first day of being able to teach voice lessons and for being as nervous as I was, it went well! I got blessed with a great student who is very talented and reminds me a bunch of myself. She's good and has a great natural talent! I cant wait to see where our lessons take us and I cant wait to be able to teach more lessons. I have always wanted to teach vocal lessons and be able to make a difference but I have always been afraid. The hubs and I were asked if we wanted to teach lessons for our Church's Academy and we said yes thinking it would be a fun opportunity. I was praying all the while that maybe I wouldnt have to teach, but then I got an email a few weeks ago and decided I needed to put the fear aside and just do it. So glad I did! I have had some amazing teachers and I just want to give back all that they have taught me!
Here's to many more lessons and more students!!


  1. So awesome that you overcame your fear and it turned out wonderfully!

  2. This is awesome and so inspiring! I've always wanted to teach piano lessons, but like you...I've been way too afraid. I love that you conquered your fear, though!


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