Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Age:15 months
Birthday: January 15, 2013
Weight: 19.5 pounds
Height: 30 inches
Sleep: We have good moments and bad moments. One night you sleep all through the night, the next you wake up a few times, next night you wake up four times. Nap times are hit or miss. Some days you get two and some days you get one. Some days you cry for hours and never go to sleep.
Bedtime: 8:30/9
Favorite Toy: baskets, legos, blocks, sidewalk chalk, duckies, anything in the kitchen cabinets
Clothes Size: 9 months
Diaper Size: 3
Milestones Reached:
*Signing "please"
*Saying "go"
*Saying "oh no"
*Knowing what a bird says
*Knowing what an elephant says
*Recognizing all animals
*Responding when you hear "no" or "stop"
*Listening when we ask simple commands
*Making fish noises
*Patting "come here" when you want something
*Saying "OH"
*Saying "again"
*Copying what we do
*Helping clean
*Saying "whats this"
*Shaking head yes or no
*Making pig sounds
*Knowing what an owl says
*Saying "hi" and waving
*Know what a donkey says
*Saying "no"
*you LOVE seashells
*You LOVE the beach
*Marching. You like to march and dance to music and tv
*Squealing when you get super happy
*You LOVE to pray and make sure that we pray before we eat and before bed
*You are content sitting in places that fit your little body
*Daddys girl. You cry when he leaves or you cant find him
*Love playing in the dirt
*you have a weird obsession with sticking things in your ear
*you love going for bike rides
*sticking your tongue in and out
*swinging left arm when you walk
*you don't like changing activities
*you have to have Harley close by you at all times
*scared of the pack and play and wont sleep in it
*you like carrying a purse around
*you have figured out that you can color on the walls and tables. oops!
*testing boundaries and seeing how far you can go
*love smoothies
*love spaghetti
*love pearls
*love bubbles
*loved picking strawberries!
*needing to be held constantly
*love to check mail
*love being outside
Best Mood: Mornings or when Dadda is around!
Best Moments: This stage is super fun so everything has been a blast! Our Spring Break vacay was a highlight this month because I haven't seen you so excited about water, sand or shells.
Worst Moments: Not sleeping. Makes for some long days and long nights
**Paisley Sunshine**
I have never enjoyed a stage more than I enjoy this one right now. You are learning every day and every moment and its so exciting to hear you saying more things and understanding things that you didn't last month. You certainly have your own personality and you don't give up if its something you want. You wear your emotions on your sleeve (moms fault for that one) and let it be known when you are happy or unhappy. You have your daddy's sense of humor and you love to hear people laugh and giggle. You have the biggest love for Harley and for duckies. You are obsessed with ducks and its so fun to watch how you light up when you see one. You would spend every waking moment outside if you could. We have lots of fun together! Summer is almost here and I cant ever imagine all the fun that we are going to have! We have lots to learn and lots to do! You are a blessing baby girl! Know that I love you the moon and back!



  1. LOVE the "oh no" and "oh" picture!! So, so, so sweet!!

  2. These are great memories to record! I loved reading! I always think every new month of toddlerhood is my new favorite, too!


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