Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cole Isaac THREE Months

This holiday season was by far the most fun, but most chaotic one! We have had lots of family come visit us and come meet our new little guy. It was fun having Thanksgiving with lots of family and a new little guy!

Baby: Cole Isaac

Birthday: August 14, 2015

Age: Three Months

Weight: 11 lbs 13 oz

Height 23 1/2 inches long

Sleep: Sleeping through the night still! Most of the time bedtime is 9:30 and little man will sleep till anywhere between 5:30/6 and then go back to sleep for about another 3-4 hours. Same schedule as last month. Gets up and eats, plays and hangs and then its back down for another nap. Usually 2 hours after initial wake up.

Bedtime: 9:30

Favorite Toy: anything that makes noise and lights up

Clothes Size: NB and 0/3 months

Diaper Size: Size 1

Milestones Reached: Hands in mouth has been the biggest one, but we are also reaching and grabbing for things too

*Drooling lots
*Chewing on hands
*Grabbing on to things
*Sitting in the bumbo
*Nursing without a shield (Yay!!)
*First Thanksgiving
*First trip to Disney

Best Mood: Mornings! You are really happy when you wake up and usually stay happy till evening time and then we fall apart. Rough life I tell ya!

Best Moments: Getting to meet Great Grandma Foltz! Grandma Foltz was here for several weeks and she got lots of snuggles! You also got to meet Uncle Dick and Aunt Tammy. They all just loved you to pieces. We got to do Disney at Christmas time and that was a blast! You did so well. You just hung out and took it all in, and you mastered the night in the hotel like no ones business. Thanksgiving was also lots of fun too! I dont know if you categorize this here, but Christmas Photos! You blew out your entire outfit that I spent forever working on and putting together and at last minute you had to wear a diaper cover, but praise God it matched our colors and the pictures came out super cute!

Worst Moments: Worst moment was when I had to get hospitalized for a kidney infection and had to stay the night away from you Cole baby. You handled it like a champ, but I wish mommy could say the same thing.

Love: You LOVE to have all eyes and attention on you. If you don't have all eyes then you scream. You love lights, you love playing with Paisley or just watching her, you love getting a bath, you love playing patty cake and you love watching yourself in the mirror

Hate: You HATE tummy time. You scream like its the end of the world. Its kinda funny really.

**Cole Isaac. We are falling more and more in love with you little man. Things are starting to settle down in our crazy worlds and we are finally all starting to fit into a groove and its getting easier dealing with two kids. You are also calming down a lot more and arent as fussy. Its been a month full of lots of fun, laughter and just watching you grow. I forgot how fast time moves by, but this time I feel as if its going even faster. You are the cutest and sweetest little boy. You have a sweet spirit about you. I love you my little man!

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