Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cole Isaac FIVE Months

Life is slowly returning to normal and we arent as busy. Gram got to come visit and we had a great time getting to visit with her and do a few fun things with her! We also celebrated Paisley's birthday which was fun and you enjoyed. From last month I feel like you have grown tremendously. You are just getting to be a big boy and I wish you would stop little man! Just slow down. Okay. My rant is over. Just stay little you hear?

Baby: Cole Isaac

Birthday: August 14, 2015

Age: Five Months

Weight: 14 lbs 4 oz

Height: 25 inches

Sleep: As if last month wasnt rough enough, this month has been worse! You are up sometimes every 45 minutes to an hour. We have tried transitioning to your crib and that hasnt played out so well. When you wake up and realize you arent next to me, you freak out till you are right next to me. Its weird because you take naps in your crib and do so well. You hate b   eing swaddled now, but if we dont swaddle you, your hands keep you up all night. I dont get what has happened. Anyone? You go down at 9:30/10 and then are normally up again at 1, then 3, then 4, then 5:30, then 7 and then 8:30. Do you see what you're doing to me bubs? Sleep. Just sleep child. You get up about 8:30/9 and then take a nap around 10:30/11. I try to keep that schedule and then you sleep anywhere between 1-2 hours and then will take an afternoon nap at 2:30 for about 2-3 hours.

Bedtime: 9:30

Favorite Toy: Trucks! You love playing with your trucks from Christmas as well as all the teething toys you got from Christmas! You also like you soft legos that Gram got you. You can hold onto them pretty well and chew on them

Clothes Size: 0/3 months, 3 months and 6 month sleepers

Diaper Size: Size 1

Milestones Reached: You are able to sit up by yourself for the most part till you get excited and you fall sideways. You are rolling some days from back to front. You started eating oatmeal!! You dont love oatmeal, but its something you will tolerate at times

*Eating Oatmeal!
*Sitting up
*Somewhat loving tummy time
*Falling off couch (You scooted faster than I could grab. It was a sad moment)
*Playing in the exersaucer
*Screaming in loud voices
*Tantrums (for real)
*Trip to the kids Museum
*You pant when you get mad or irritated
*Throwing hands up in the air when you are upset. Then you scream.
*Wont take a bottle
*Putting yourself to sleep in your crib! Sweet victory!

Best Mood: Still mornings :)

Best Moments: Having Gram come visit us! We had lots of fun! We also got to celebrate Pais birthday was a lot of fun! We've also ventured out of the house more and its a breath of fresh air

Worst Moments: So far its been you not sleeping! Or anything sleep related.

**Cole Isaac you can throw a fit like no ones business. I am not sure who taught you that or where you learned that, but by golly gosh the tantrums you throw have been utterly afraid for when you get older. You love to talk though, and I could spend every waking moment just listening to you talk and giggle. Its music to my ears. You feel so grown up this month. Not sure why that is, but you are grown up. Lets just face it. You really love your Grankin and light up when you see him. We had some great moments with our Gram while she was here. You have discovered that Paisley likes to take your toys and never share. We are working on that, but you get so mad when she takes something from you. I dont blame you though, I would be mad too. I pulled out the exersaucer and you have been all smiles about that thing. It will keep you busy for a bit, which really helps me! I have loved watching you over this last month. My boy is getting so big and I just cant believe its happening! You're a mommas boy and I really love that :) I love that you like to snuggle and to be held. Paisley wasnt like that and I am enjoying all of it. I love you my little boy so much!!

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