Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cole Isaac ONE Month!!

Its been a month of crazy, but somehow we are still surviving and managing to get ourselves into somewhat of a routine. We spend most of our days at home, but Im sure once I get the hang of this two kid thing, we will be out and about quite a bit. Not to mention, its still so darn hot here in FL. Fall is calling all of our names. One thing is for sure, I will be ready and so beyond thrilled when we can finally spend evenings outside and this Momma can return to walking in the morning!

Baby: Cole Isaac

Birthday: August 14, 2015

Age: One month

Weight: 8 pounds 10.5 ounces

Height: 21.5 inches

Sleep: During the day its generally about 3-4 hour naps and wakes to feed. In the mornings he goes back down for another nap and will wake up about lunch time and be awake for an hour or two. At night he sleeps about 4-6 hours and how hungry he is, which feels like all the time!

My Bedtime: 10/10:30 pm

Favorite Toy: Not a favorite toy, but froggy WubbaNub paci is always a hit or anything that Sissy is trying to show him

Clothes Size: Newborn

Diaper Size: Newborn

Milestones Reached: Staying awake longer periods of time

Firsts: Playdate with the Cooper Fam and with Natalie and Caleb. Playing on playmat. First bottle given by Sissy and Gram

Best Mood: First thing in the morning! Evening time is a bit rough because of him being fussy and wanting to eat nonstop

Best Moments: Learning to juggle life with two kiddos. Its been very good and its been rough all at the same time. I love watching Paisley interact with him and love on him. She really loves her baby brother and is always wanting to hold him. Its precious!

Worst Moment: Definitely getting this boy circumcised!! Nothing has been worse than this! Whoever thought circumcising a month old is insane! This boy has cried for two days straight and has wanted to be held constantly. I dont mind the cuddles but the crying and no sleep is taking its toll.

Love: You love swinging in your swing, being held, sleeping on my chest, being near Sissy--it's almost calming because anytime we lay you next to Paisley or in her bed you are instantly happy. The noise of the vacuum puts you right to sleep and can calm you down rather quickly. If there was a favorite pastime for eating you would hold the gold. You sure know how to eat. You love nursing any chance you can get which I'm almost postive the reason why you gained so many ounces in the last two weeks! Bathtime is your favorite part of the day. You love warm baths as much as Sissy did.

Hate: From day one, you have hated diaper changes. You still do. You hate being cold and you really hate getting out of the bath. We are working on giving you a Paci but you still arent quite sure of what to do with it or how it works so instead you just get mad.

Cole Isaac, You are everything we didnt even know that we needed in this family. In the short time since you have joined us you have added lots more love and bit of crazy. You get bored easily and love to keep moving and be moved. Your favorite things are us holding you and patting either your back or your hiney. You poop constantly (one day you will hate me for this) and love to eat every second you can get. I somehow think this might be a foreshadowing of our days and years ahead of us. After all you are a boy and boys eat you out of house and home. Your sister loves you like none other. She asks to hold you constantly and every time I am feeding you she sits next to me and just kisses your head. She loves to know everything you are doing and where you are. She looks out for you. You are a Mommas boy so far and Im loving the fact that you just want me to hold you and talk to you. You are a sweet boy and I look forward to watching who you will become, what you will be like and whose personality you will most resemble. Wondering too if you will be anything like your sister :) We love you so much Cole baby and are so thankful for you!

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