Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cole Isaac Foltz

Im realizing it seems like its been a decade since I last blogged, and theres so much stuff that has been left out in our lives and so much that has happened since my last blog post a year or so ago, but I know with the newest addition to our family, I somehow need to find the time again to blog. If not, just for the sake of my babies, so that one day I wont forget all the cute and fun details in their lives.

The newest addition to our family. Welcome Cole Isaac Foltz!! Its been a month of chaos with the transition of two kiddos and starting life basically over with a newborn, but in between all the sleep deprivation and crazy, I find my life so blissfully perfect. We have our good days and our bad days, but these two sweet kiddos make every moment worth it.

I was so worried about Paisley and the transition, but it honestly has gone far better than I could have ever imagined. The hardest parts of our day are when I have to sit for feedings and lunch time. For so long, its been just her and the fact that I cant just sit and play whenever has caused a few tantrums or two ;) She loves her baby and loves helping take care of him any chance she can get. She makes sure that he is always taken care of. Shes a great big sister!

It was a bit of a rough delivery with having to have a C-section and a hernia operation all at the same time, but I am so grateful for an amazing doctor and midwife who did the hernia repair and didnt make me wait and come back for another surgery. Its been a rough and long recovery, but every day is better than the day before. It will be a bit of process for us thanks to the hernia but already at a month I am feeling so much better. Still not able to do a whole lot but every day I add more stuff to the list. I am so looking forward to the day that I can begin working out again!!

Cole was born at 7:27 am, weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce, which I had called right on the money. He was 19 inches long and came out screaming! He's got some lungs! He didnt even stop screaming until I got to feed him and hold him. He wasnt quite ready to come out either. When the doctors tried to pull him out, he kept wiggling away from the them. He's just like sissy. Stubborn and has to be on his terms. We never got to see what he looked like before since we didnt have a 3D with him and every ultrasound he had his face down, but he came out looking just like Paisley. You will definitely be able to tell my kids are sister and brother. I was praying for that :)

Cole. He's a sweet baby! I wasnt sure what the heck I was going to do with a boy, but he has been something else. He's far more of a cuddler than Paisley ever was. He gets bored easily though and loves to be moving. He's a bit more fussier than Paisley was, but I am giving myself the 6-8 week mark for everything to start to "feel" easier. I have to remind myself all this transition stuff and feeling like life has started over is only temporary.

As much as I love seeing this boy so little and holding a tiny squish, I also get so excited to see what he will be like and who he will be like. Its been so fun with Paisley that I cant wait for more fun with Cole. There's so much to look forward to!!

Anyway, now that Cole is here, Im hoping to blog more, at least for his sake :) Welcome Cole Isaac! We have enjoyed becoming a family of FOUR!!!

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