Saturday, March 15, 2014


Age:14 Months
Birthday: January 15, 2013
Height: 29 3/4 inches
Weight: 18.5 pounds
Sleep: We are gaining some ground! Most of the time you are sleeping through the night and waking up between 5/6 to eat and then lately you sleep till about 9/10. Depending on how late you wake up determines how the day goes. If you are up at 8/8:30 you go down two hours after waking up for about a two hour nap then up for 3-4 hours and back down for another 2 hour nap. If you wake up late you get one nap usually around 2/2:30 and sleep for 2-3 hours. You are doing lots better!!
Bedtime: 8:30/9
Favorite Toy: Ducky bath, legos, blocks, basket, stuffed duck {you're obsessed with ducks} and anything in the cabinets you can get your hands on!
Clothes Size: 6 months, 6-9 months and some 9 month stuff
Diaper Size: Size 3
Milestones Reached:
*Saying "Thank you"
*Saying "Cookie"
*Saying "Cracker"
*Signing "Please"
*Climbing up on the furniture and basically everything else you think you can climb
*Telling us what a Chicken says
*Telling us what a Bird says
*Drumming! I see a future drummer on our hands!
*You are listening well. When we ask you to do something or bring us something, you are normally right on it
*Saying "hi"
*Saying "yeah"
*Saying and showing "1"
*We took you to Toys-r-us and for 2 hours you never stopped. You had the best time of your life! We will be going back :)
*hitting your head on something and biting when we tell you "no:
*Sidewalk chalk
*LOVE bubbles
*You got to feed a Giraffe and loved every minute of it
*Playing Piano
*Blankie doesn't ever leave your site
*When you are excited or mad you throw your paci
*Love hiding everything
*LOVE "If you're happy and you know it"
*Really like checking the mail
*Going through Daddy withdrawls. You cry when he leaves
*Giving Harley treats is a favorite
*You get scared of loud noises or things you don't like and run to Mom or Dad
*If you could spend everyday outside you would
*Allergies to pollen
*You figured out how to smash fruit--makes a mess!
*Nursing more than normal
Best Mood: Mornings typically because you cant wait to see Harley and try to look for Dadda. Saturdays are super fun because Daddy gets you up and makes pancakes you just love every minute
Best Moments: Everything! This age is super fun and has been my favorite! You love to giggle and be tickled and right before nap time you love to "get" mommy and its so fun just hearing you get so happy about it! You are learning lots and its a blast getting to watch you develop!
Worst Moments: I left the back door open and turned around and you had taken yourself outside and even though I was right there, it scared me so bad! You were just fine playing with your toys, but Mommy was scared to death!
Paisley Sunshine:
Are we really at FOURTEEN months!? How the heck did we get here within a blink of an eye?? You are one opinionated girl and sometimes so independent. You are growing rapidly and changing day by day. You are learning more than I can even teach you, and its been so fun watching you grow up! You know what you like and what you don't like, and you make it very clear. You are full of expressions and you wear exactly how you are feeling on your sleeves. You take after mommy in that sense. You are a funny girl. You have your daddys sense of humor. I am the most blessed mommy to get to be home every day to take care of you and not miss out on one single moment. We hardly ever leave you, and I am so ok with that. We have way too much fun together and as a family. Our lives are you. I am not sure what we ever did without you! We have lots of fun things coming up and I cant wait to experience those with you! Daddy is almost out of school and look out summer because we are going to take you by storm! So much is up a head for you baby girl! Thank you for being such a sweet spirited girl! I am glad that I get to call you mine :)
I love you and always and forever!


  1. Loving ALL of these pictures!! The one of her playing the drums is too sweet :) :)

    1. Thank you Lisa!! The drums one would have to be one of my faves right now :)


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